Government auctioning off Land Rover Defender car

Government auctioning off Land Rover Defender car

Government auctioning off Land Rover Defender car –

Auction is the process of buying and selling goods or services by offering to bidders,

Offering a higher price offer,

And then selling the item to the highest bidder.

Recently, the government or customs and excise supervisory office auctioned off a black luxury car,

The 2013 Land Rover Defender.

The goods have become state property from customs and excise.

This car was auctioned online at a government-owned site,

This car was in a new office in the Pontianak area.

The value of the price of this land rover defender is around 582.8 million,

For those of you who dance with the auction you have to pay a security deposit of 291.4 million.

Government auctioning off Land Rover Defender car

The deposit can be transferred through the virtual account by each auction participant,

If you have registered then the virtual account number will be sent to the participants who have registered.

It is expected that participants must register with a valid identity,

So that operators can record your data correctly and place.

The auction starts on April 8, 2020 at 11:00 to 14:00,

If you are interested you can register from now and don’t forget to transfer your security deposit mentioned above.

Many items are auctioned off

On government-owned auction sites, many items are auctioned off,

Such as cellphones, laptops, motorcycles, cars, brand bags and others.

If you want to do a cell phone auction,

You have to choose the first cell phone option you registered for,

And if you want to take part in another auction,

You do the same thing called from the start.

If you get the auction, you can take the goods directly to the auction site on the website address,

Or can be delivered directly to the address of the house that was registered from the start.

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