Online Gambling Sites under the guise of Auctions

Online Gambling Sites under the guise of Auctions

Online Gambling Sites under the guise of Auctions – For you, a collector or hunter for automotive goods, smartphones, or anything else, an auction is an inseparable part. Where the auction is a major source to be able to find the type of goods you want. Such as motorcycles, cars, houses or others. If you want to find a reliable auction site, you can browse the JBA site. Which is where this one auction site is the largest online auction site in Indonesia. Many types of auctions that you can get on this JBA site. But it’s not just the JBA site that has a forum for auctioning goods, but there are still many auction sites that you can visit.

Online Gambling Sites under the guise of Auctions

But if you don’t know about the auction sites in Indonesia, you have to be careful because there are many fake auction sites which can make you lose. like money that you have transferred can not be taken again if the goods do not arrive. Which of course you cheated because the money has entered the auction site account but the items that you won in the auction did not come to your place. And there is also an auction site under the guise of gambling, which is the name of the auction site but in its contents about gambling games. Therefore you must be careful.

Several auction sites in Indonesia

Below are some of the auction sites that you can visit, certainly this site is the best and most trusted:

Ibid is one site that offers auction vehicles that are easily accessible anywhere and of course anytime you want. They also have an IBID application that can be downloaded at the Play Store.

2. BRI Auction Info
Some of the items auctioned by this site are various types of property such as houses, villas, factories, land and there are vehicle and machine auctions.

3. Mandiri Auction
Some of the items auctioned by this site are rice fields, houses, land, empty factories, warehouses, garden land, shop houses, kiosks, machinery, cars and motorcycles.

4. JBA
JBA is the number one vehicle auction site in Indonesia and the most famous.

5. Indonesian Auction
Indonesian Auction is an official Indonesian auction site that is managed directly by the Directorate General of State Assets. The KPK auction is also managed by this site.

6. is an auction platform for various items. Some items that are auctioned are very diverse ranging from antiques, shoes, electronics, cars and much more.

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